A New Type of Sin

 I must admit that I’m often amazed at how the feminist “mean girls” can always find a brand new way to surprise and disgust  me.And it seems as though they’ve been working ever harder to find new methods to use against me.
I suspect it’s part of a sustained tactic to stop #gamergate by killing us off due to head fractures from repeated wall/head connections.
So what’s the new one today?
One of those I follow on Twitter,the lovely lizzyf620 has been among those who started an Indiegogo on behalf of Gamergate aimed at giving money to Unicef.This has been a pattern so far with the people of Gamergate.So far they have supported many other charities in their efforts to fight corruption in gaming and journalism.I suppose it should only be natural that the Anti-Gamergate side takes umbrage with this.Their great sin?

Fuck the orphans and Ebola patients.Women are experiencing misogyny!

Yeah, you’re fucking seeing that right.They’re trying to get UNICEF to reject the donations to help people in third world countries,because of their first world problems. So much for their concern over coloured people and women in real places with real problems. The white women need help.
I mean come on. This has got to be a new type of sin that they just made up.
What kind of moral compass do you have to possess in order to do this kind of thing? I used to think that sin was a ridiculous idea that religious people came up with.But I’m starting to think that there may actually be real sins in this world.
Fucking hell.
Just had to get this off my chest.

#HeForShe The Emma Dilemma

 Those of you who follow on youtube will have noted that the other day we posted a few thoughts that we had on Emma Watson and her speech at the UN.You may watch it if you haven’t seen it below at the bottom.

Personally,I recommend a full frontal lobotomy as opposed to listening to Emma Watson. Though I suppose a full frontal lobotomy is how we got Emma Watson in the first place.

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Feminism is a Service Industry,So Serve Us.

I’ve noticed that feminists and the social justice crowd seem to misunderstand the role that they have in the world.Or should have in the world if they really were what they say that they are. The forget that civil rights exist to serve us. Not serve them,serve us.

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