And Now They Come For Samus……

 It’s been a while, I realize, since either of my two sides have had anything to say.The absence is largely due to focusing a lot more on the youtube channel lately. However we plan to get back to the writing and the blogging and such things,and something like this is as good an instance as any to start up again.
One of the Literally Who’s has resurfaced again.After a long period of time during which she was taking a break from the Gamergate conflict.
And by,”taking a break”, he means stopped using her own account and pretended to post using someone elses. Brianna Wu came back from his/her fiftieth or sixtieth retreat from Twitter and is already dropping a massive load on the community again.
This time the wretched turd took the shape of an article that she co-wrote on the Mary Sue with Ellen McGrody in which they declare unabashedly that Samus Aran is a transwoman.Because….. derpitty-doo.
Their reasoning comes from an obscure statement made by Hirofumi Matsuoka, one of the original graphic designers, where it was stated that Samus was a “newhalf”. Canonically this is meant to reference the fact that Samus is genetically part human and part Chozo, a race of bird-like progenitor aliens.Making her half human and half alien.However through the application of some rather….interesting logic those who wrote the article made the assumption that the term was a japanese way of saying that Samus was a “shemale” and have declared that Samus is really a transwoman.Citing her “traditionally masculine appearance” as one piece of evidence.By that meaning that Samus stands at a very tall 6′ 3″ and is rather well built for a woman.At least for a woman who does not run around engaging in intense physical activity on a regular basis.However they seem to have overlooked the part.
Very interestingly is this paragraph that follows closely after their declaration.
“Looking to negate Matsuoka’s remark, some gamers have pointed to a FAQ on the Japanese Zero Mission site by Yoshio Sakamoto, co-director of Metroid. There he says Samus being a newhalf is not impossible, but unlikely. Others have pointed to Samus’s portrayals as a child in Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid Other M, and official manga as proof that she is actually a cisgender woman.”
Despite the fact that not too many words before this they had been using an obscurely phrased offhand remark by a graphics designer as their only source of evidence for their claim,they quickly dismiss similiar evidence that they are incorrect.However I think it’s this portion here that is fairly telling.
“No matter what fans say, the intent of the creator is the only opinion that really matters. When J.K. Rowling announced that Dumbledore from Harry Potter was gay, that was the end of the discussion. Some fans couldn’t accept or understand it, but her public statement was the only source that mattered. It’s an authorial acknowledgement that this character, like any, can realistically be queer or transgender without it having to define them.”
 Now they say that it is ultimately the intent of the creator that matters most of all.I’ll refrain from getting into my feelings on the whole “Death of the Author” thing at this moment and perhaps save it for another date.The salient point here however is that the person that they are claiming to quote,Hirofumi Matsuoka, is not the creator of Samus. The games characters were conceived of by Makoto Kano and Samus herself was designed by Hiroji Kiyotake.They are the ones that are credited with the creation of Samus.Matsuoka was merely some random person on the design team.And both of them designed Samus to be a woman.
The change in her appearance that they reference above is because the initial design for Samus was based off of Ellen Ripley in Aliens.Then later games referenced Kim Bassinger from 9 1/2 Weeks.Because art styles have this tendency to evolve over time and the graphical limitations of the original Nintendo did not allow for a wide colour palette.Meaning that they could not have made Samus blonde if they had wanted to.Much in the same way that Princess Peach was originally a brunette until technology meant that she could have the blonde hair that she was always supposed to have.
Of course to know that they would have actually had to have picked up a game at some point in their lives.
Within a few hours the SJ crowd had been in full flurry changing Samus’s Wikipedia article to declare her the first trans character in games (which she wouldn’t be even if she were trans), and foaming at the mouth over all of the people that are telling her that they’re wrong.
Yeah,that’s right.Point out that they’re wrong about Samus and you’re an evil person who hates trans people and were responsible for the death of a random person that probably only exists inside of the Wu-Machines head.
You know,I’m just going to come right out and say it.Brianna,if your friend really killed herself because of something similiar to a few people disagreeing over a video game character…..your friend was never destined to make it in this world.
You scream “cisnormativity” and “transgender erasure” but you’re the one trying to change people here.You’re the one erasing people’s identities and changing them to suit your narrative.As always the real culprit of the things that you claim to hate is just you yourself.Why not just actually focus on the transcharacters that really exist?I think her partner in crime said it best later on after the debunking happened.
So much for the authors intent being the final word.Finality is dependent upon cohesiveness with the narrative apparently.


There are many places in this world in which I feel afraid and uncomfortable, and one of those places is in other peoples bathrooms.
Because you never know exactly where those seats have been and what’s been on the rear ends that have sat there.For all you know crawling around on that porcelain could be a disease outbreak virulent enough to stump Dustin Hoffman. Then there’s the Vaseline of course.No one ever has a small jar of Vaseline,it is always one of those large, economy-sized jars.And you always have to wonder exactly what they are using it for.You know, of course, what it can usually be used for.You simply wonder which of those uses are the ones that they are using it for;and the fact that you don’t know is always a little daunting.Especially since they seem to be using it often enough that they actually need the giant jar.
I once heard this story as a child about this young man who sat down on a toilet when this baby crocodile crawled up through the pipe.Someone had flushed it down the drain as a baby into the sewer where it had apparently survived to crawl around the sewer ways.People had been sighting them for weeks,I’d heard, it was just this persons luck to come face to buttocks with one.The crocodile bit him on the asscheek and tore a significant chunk from his body.He screamed in agony and ran around bleeding all over his bathroom before finally collapsing from the loss of blood.He died on the floor of his bathroom covered in blood and fecal matter. Ever since then I have always done a thorough check of the bathroom toilet pipes before I ever sit down.Especially in an unfamiliar bathroom. Afraid that there might be a crocodile just waiting for me this time.
Now you might be wondering why in the world I am mentioning (fabricating) this? I mention it because Nelly Thomas penned an article the other day where she mentioned a similar reasoning being behind why she always looks under her car and is afraid of car parks.In fact the article that she wrote, subtly entitled “Teaching Men Respect is the Only Way to Prevent Violence Against Women” talking about how to prevent violence against women.Or at least that’s what you would think she did going by the title. The reality of it is ever-so-slightly different.
Yeah, about as “ever-so-slightly different” as comparing a G1A Starfighter to the Enterprise NCC-1701 (the original series one,not the POS from that bullshit alternate universe of the new movies).
Ms.Thomas spends the first eighty percent of the article elaborating on all of the many ways and reasons that she is afraid walking down the street at night.Of being alone in a cab.Of having her daughters out in public.Of being in the country and avoiding the woods (because fucking fairy tales told her so).Of fearing the men in her own home, or those in her own life.Of being afraid of laneways, foot paths, nightclubs,the business district, public toilets, parties-
Yeah,yeah, basically she’s afraid of anywhere there might possibly ever be a penis within a thousand feet of her.And she’s teaching her daughters to be equally afraid of every potential penis-concealing shadow as well.It’s the typical bs about how there is danger lurking everywhere and no woman is ever safe at anytime because the evil penis-bearing man-things are everywhere.
Can we skip to the point please?
Yes, the point in this is that Ms.Thomas speaks at length about how terrified she is;obviously as a means of emotionally manipulating her audience, and presents this as being right and normal.However it’s anything but. The extent to which a woman like Ms.Thomas is afraid of constantly being raped is only to the extent that her and the women like her are irrational.They are the product of decades of feminists trying to inflate rape numbers and crime statistics.To make women afraid with claims that you can be raped anywhere at anytime and never safe from rape.Despite that in 2011 the FBI reported only fifty two rapes for every one hundred thousand women.Ms.Thomas, and ladies of the internet, there is no constant Boogieman or Rape that is waiting out there to pounce upon you and victimize you.Despite what they constantly try to tell you to keep you in fear.
There is no more danger of rape than any other bad thing which might happen to you, and considerably less danger than most bad things.
I do not know if Ms.Thomas truly believes what she is saying or if she is just lying for her ideology,but for her sake I hope it is the latter.Because otherwise she is someone to be pitied.A small and weak-minded creature that has allowed herself to be terrorized by ideology into living in constant fear and jumping at every shadow.A state that she,unfortunately, says that she tries to impose upon her daughters as well.Emotionally crippling them and weakening them when they are at their most vulnerable ages. No different than a Christian or Muslim telling their child that god will kill them or punish them for eternity for disbelief. It’s child abuse, plain and simple for her to do this to them.All the more evil if she is aware of how untrue that it is.
The part that ticks me off is how after her whining and crying about the abject terror that normal life is for her she starts into talking about how women shouldn’t have to take precautions and how teaching women to help themselves never works because it doesn’t make rape one hundred percent unlikely (you’ve all heard this feminist line a million times before). Meaning that she has no intention of actually taking any responsibility for her own fears or delusions, or her own safety.Her solution, teach men to respect women. Apparently then it’ll all be roses and puppy dogs.
And since nobody ever seems to really want to ask this, I will. If this sort of person is an example of the average woman (and thankfully she isn’t,though she thinks she is), then what is there to respect?
She spends six paragraphs telling everyone else how she curls herself up into an emotionally wrecked ball of nerves at just the thought of going out alone at night.Ignorant of how safe she actually is in the society she lives in,and goes on to teach this to her daughthers.All the while denying any responsibility for looking after herself, any agency, while simultaneously going on to tell all men that they see women as a thing to dominate and control.
Oh yes,clearly women like this are deserving of respect. If she wanted respect, but that’s not what she’s asking for. She’s asking for deference. For all the men to drop what they’re doing and look after her, take care of her. Lock her away and keep her safe from all of those evil men that might hurt her.Where she will never again need to have men look at her body in a way that she will not like.
Fortunately I know of a place where she can get exactly what she’s looking for. A place where they show women the exact kind of respect that she wants.

A feminists paradise.