Beyonce, About the VMA….Could We Please Drop The Act?

Ok. I’ll just admit this right off the bat.I never really liked Beyonce.I don’t find her music appealing,I don’t find her acting interesting,I don’t even find her all that attractive.
But listen,Queen Easy, could you at least do me one small favour and stop trying to pretend that you’re some feminist icon for women everywhere.
Yesterday Beyonce was at the VMA awards doing a little number that lasted 15 fucking minutes,and fuck it was boring to sit through.However she broke off in the middle of the whole thing to do this little riff about feminism which I found pretty funny. Not because it was about feminism but more because just two minutes ago she had formed an ass pyramid of half-naked women on stage.
Don’t believe me?
Nothing says GIRL POWER like dipping women in gold glitter and displaying their asses in the "Fuck Me" position.

Nothing says GIRL POWER like dipping women in gold glitter and displaying their asses in the “Fuck Me” position.

Queen Easy spent fifteen nug-humping minutes dancing around singing about blowjobs in the back of limos and making us all far more acquainted with her crotch than a man should ever be without filing a molestation charge, and then launched off into a little aside about being a feminist woman while her daughter chanted and shouted “Yeah mommy!”.
There’s a great empowered lesson,remember this girls,Beyonce says that you can make it in the world.All you have to do is shake your ass in rhythmic time to a bad beat and fuck a rap star.That’s the way to being strong and independant.
You can watch the whole thing here.
And media,could you fucking please stop enabling this shit.Everywhere the media is doing shit like this.
FireShot Screen Capture #159 - 'Beyonce's 2014 VMAs Performance Made a Feminist Statement That Was Both Important and Flawless I Bustle' - www_bustle_com_articles_37166-beyonces-2014-vmas-performance-made
Now I could forgive the fuckers for that except for what happened at the Emmy’s yesterday as well.
Sofia Vergara was up on stage doing this comedy number.

Ok,so the joke wasn’t exactly earth-shaking humour.But the exact same media sluts started doing this.
And this.
And this.
FireShot Screen Capture #163 - 'Jarett Wieselman on Twitter_ Sofia Vergara Was Completely Objectified In A Tone-Deaf Joke on The #Emmys http___t_co_lrqHrYrNsL http___t_co_m22f4Z8QGy' - twitter_com_JarettS
So let me get this straight.Queen Easy humps a stripper pole on stage dressed like the sluttiest MILF outside of the pornos I regularly watch and she’s a great feminist hero who’s strengening the cause.While Sofia Vergara does a comedy bit,fully clothed that pokes fun at womens objectification and that’s harmful sexism. What world do these assholes live in?What colour is the sky?Are there like little talking ponies or something?
Now some of the femfucks that I’ve seen weighing so far have been trying to claim that what Queen Easy did was different because she was dancing and singing while Sofia was just on a turntable being looked at.Even if I bought that for a moment,Sofia is a comedy actress,one of the highest paid ones,might I add.She was doing a comedy bit,so she was using her own skills just as Beyonce was.Also,she was doing this of her own will and choice and using her sexuality for her work, and I don’t berudge her that.In fact I applaud it.So how is it that her choosing to use her sexuality is wrong because she’s not a feminist,but it’s ok for Beyonce because she claims to be all strong and empowered and stuff.
The fact is Queen Easy is not a feminist.She’s just an entertainer who’s getting older and has suddenly realized that she can’t trade on her looks as much as she did to get to where she already is.So now after over a decade of being “Bootylicious” she’s trying to wave the feminist flag in a desperate attempt to stay relevant by appealing to the lowest of all humanity.

I need a drink.

Feminists Fight Oppression?Who Fights Theirs?

It’s a common trope among feminists that it’s ok for them to do the things that they rail about when men do them, because men don’t suffer oppression the same way as women do. Leaving aside for a moment the obvious sexist nature of such an argument, it does leave one to wonder.
I have read many books in my life, especially in my younger years,and when I was a child there was a series of books in my school library that I loved to read which took place in the medieval period.
It had a fairly standard premise as far as fantasy stories generally go. Young orphan from a deposed throne, raised by mother in secret, etc. etc. etc. I’m sure that you’ve heard it all before. What was relatively new is that the boy was taught “magic” by his mother.”Magic” in this case simply being sleight of hand, combined with a strong knowledge of science and chemistry that allowed him to pull off various “miracles” and “amazing feats” which he uses to make the ancient prophecies come true, spur the populace into an uprising against the tyrant and retake his kingdom.
Unfortunately time, as it often is, has been cruel to my memory. A story which I loved as a child is now a dusty tome with faded pages in the athenaeum of my mind. I don’t remember the name of that book,or much of what happened in the sequels but there is one lesson taught in that book that has always remained in my mind.
It occurs first in the book after the evil overlord is overthrown and the crowd of downtrodden peasants stands in a mob with their triumphant leader.Torches and pitchforks at the ready they are prepared to deliver true justice to their oppressor when the hero puts up his hand to stop them. He declares to them that they must not hurt the villains and must instead treat them with kindness and mercy. As he stares at the faces of the dumb-strucken peasantry whom he has just freed he asks them this:
Tell me,who is the more wicked; the oppressor or the oppressed people who,when released,repay the oppressor with equal oppression. One might say the oppressor, but consider this;the oppressor,no matter how wicked can never know the full extent of his deeds. To do the same in return,knowing full well the evil,strikes me as the more wicked.
He repeats this sentiment later in the second book as well, when visiting the former overlord and his daughter in the dungeon.He notes that the guard who watches over them seems to not agree with the comparatively gentle treatment they are receiving.He points out that the overlord once had him in this very same dungeon and tells the guards those same words.
Feminists show no compunction against doing to others,especially men, the same things that they themselves claim oppress them. Nor do they show concern when men have those problems. Instead it almost seems as though the majority of feminist advocacy and writing is devoted towards trying to justify every single reason for why the oppressed (women) should treat the oppressor (men) as badly or worse than they themselves are treated. To wallow in their misery,to delight in their subjugation,to caper with glee as they drive them from their spaces.There is always a double standard,always a reason why it is ok,always a justification for not caring.
I hear the suffering of others is good for the skin.

I hear the suffering of others is good for the skin.

And these are the people claiming to fight for equality?Who claim to stand tall against oppression?These are those who will seek to slay the dragon under which we all are supposedly enslaved?How are they any different?
To allow feminism to win is not to exchange the overlord for the noble hero. It is,at its very best,to exchange the overlord for another,but worse one. One that understands the evil it does, but does not care.One that will oppress and do evil with the full measure of its being and delight in it because it is the evil of the self-righteous templar.
NOTHING is more oppressive than that.

The World Cup is Over,But Hypocrisy is Forever

The World Cup has finally ended. A worldwide event that has not only brought the world together to enjoy the pinnacle of human athletic ability, but has brought feminists together in their utter hypocrisy over how they apply the ideas of objectification. Between ranking male players by the bulge in their pants, their “Bootyful Butts”, their thighs, and playing games where you get to guess the six-pack the feminists of the internet are drowning in the overflow of their own lady juices. Which is a good thing, right? After all maybe now they’ll finally learn from this and stop trying to demonize any kind of male sexual interest in women now that it’s very obvious that they objectify and ogle men just as much as we do women?
Fuck no? What are you an idiot? Being a feminist in this world means never having to get off the high pony. So while /r/worldcupgirls is a deeply sexist and mysoginistic subreddit that degrades women and is part of the patriarchy and blah, blah, fucking blah, Amanda Hess has written an article explaining why it’s totally not the same thing with women doing it.
So we went to the trouble of doing a video response, and believe me it was painful. Very, very painful.