The Other Face of Feminism

Feminism is,by its very nature a multi-faced creature. Much as the Hydra from days of yore.
Or those scheming bastard Quintessons. Never trusted those five-face guys.
This is what a feminist looks like.

This is what a feminist looks like.

You’re confusing reality with anime again.
Regardless there are many things which they don’t like to show to the public at large. Things that they often pretend do not exist or do not occur.One of these things is the deep and truly ugly nature of what lies beneath the public face that they try to present to the world.Sure,feminists like to cry and pontificate about their concerns.They will declare to all who hear them that they are the great ones trying to bring equality to the huddled masses.At least until you disagree with them.
On the Tumblr blog “Saying Some Stuff” the young woman who runs it, a  sixteen year old girl in England, received a barrage of threats when she pointed out that she was against feminism.Phrases such as “go die you piece of shit” were used frequently to attempt to bully and harass her into the sisterhood.To her credit the young lady took it well,stood her ground and told them exactly where to go and what manner of activity they could engage in when they got there.
Another incident came a while ago where a young boy was on Twitter defending the rights of comedians to make the sorts of jokes that they want.After making a valid and surprisingly intelligent (for his age) point the SJW crowd turned their fangs on him.They went to his facebook page and defaced one of his images then openly threated to slit his throat. Said one femfuck “my knife is always ready”.
Seriously guys?Were you that unable to give a proper argument to a ten year old kid that you had to resort to death threats?That’s pretty fucking sad.And just in case you think I’m mistaken about these being femfucks more than a few of them were also among the opponents of #gamergate.
Feminism:Threatening the lives of children.For Great Justice.

Feminism:Threatening the lives of children.For Great Justice.


Bunny-brained shit like this is why we started a new facebook page called “The Other Face of Feminism”.The page is to serve as a collection of all of the hate and bigotry that feminism and it’s people spread.We need more examples,and I know they are out there because we show them off and bitch about them on places like Twitter everyday. But now they need to be shown otuside of the circle.

It is a common canard among feminists that they are always on the receiving end of nothing but hate and misogyny because they are women.It is important to take this ability away from them,by revealing how much of the hate is their own doing and in response to their own actions.It will not stop them from trying to play the victim.But it will limit the number of people willing to listen.

Let us show the world what the face of a true feminist looks like.

Like a clearly well-balanced and rational person.

Like a clearly well-balanced and rational person.


Dead Women Proves Misogyny? Ok Anita,Let’s Test That. (Now With 30% More Explosions)

Ok,so let me explain what happened here.
I tried to load this video about Anita onto youtube and it got buggered up and messed around with. I could have altered it to suit their whims, but I decided to go with the “Fuck Youtube” option instead. So to that end I put it up on Dailymotion and I’m putting it here so that people can see it. For those like this video there is a button at the bottom to visit my Youtube channel where you can subscribe,and please do if you like this. Or another link to said channel here.
Onto the video.
It’s been put forward a lot by Anita Sarkesian and her Youtube cult that video games are filled with misogyny and violence towards women. So I decided that I would take that idea into the Youtube arena (or I suppose the DailyMotion arena now) and give demonstration as to why Miss Anita’s opinion was not well thought-out or argued. This was the result. Please feel free to leave your comments below.
Or just bitch about Anita.That’s cool too.



Beyonce, About the VMA….Could We Please Drop The Act?

Ok. I’ll just admit this right off the bat.I never really liked Beyonce.I don’t find her music appealing,I don’t find her acting interesting,I don’t even find her all that attractive.
But listen,Queen Easy, could you at least do me one small favour and stop trying to pretend that you’re some feminist icon for women everywhere.
Yesterday Beyonce was at the VMA awards doing a little number that lasted 15 fucking minutes,and fuck it was boring to sit through.However she broke off in the middle of the whole thing to do this little riff about feminism which I found pretty funny. Not because it was about feminism but more because just two minutes ago she had formed an ass pyramid of half-naked women on stage.
Don’t believe me?
Nothing says GIRL POWER like dipping women in gold glitter and displaying their asses in the "Fuck Me" position.

Nothing says GIRL POWER like dipping women in gold glitter and displaying their asses in the “Fuck Me” position.

Queen Easy spent fifteen nug-humping minutes dancing around singing about blowjobs in the back of limos and making us all far more acquainted with her crotch than a man should ever be without filing a molestation charge, and then launched off into a little aside about being a feminist woman while her daughter chanted and shouted “Yeah mommy!”.
There’s a great empowered lesson,remember this girls,Beyonce says that you can make it in the world.All you have to do is shake your ass in rhythmic time to a bad beat and fuck a rap star.That’s the way to being strong and independant.
You can watch the whole thing here.
And media,could you fucking please stop enabling this shit.Everywhere the media is doing shit like this.
FireShot Screen Capture #159 - 'Beyonce's 2014 VMAs Performance Made a Feminist Statement That Was Both Important and Flawless I Bustle' - www_bustle_com_articles_37166-beyonces-2014-vmas-performance-made
Now I could forgive the fuckers for that except for what happened at the Emmy’s yesterday as well.
Sofia Vergara was up on stage doing this comedy number.

Ok,so the joke wasn’t exactly earth-shaking humour.But the exact same media sluts started doing this.
And this.
And this.
FireShot Screen Capture #163 - 'Jarett Wieselman on Twitter_ Sofia Vergara Was Completely Objectified In A Tone-Deaf Joke on The #Emmys http___t_co_lrqHrYrNsL http___t_co_m22f4Z8QGy' - twitter_com_JarettS
So let me get this straight.Queen Easy humps a stripper pole on stage dressed like the sluttiest MILF outside of the pornos I regularly watch and she’s a great feminist hero who’s strengening the cause.While Sofia Vergara does a comedy bit,fully clothed that pokes fun at womens objectification and that’s harmful sexism. What world do these assholes live in?What colour is the sky?Are there like little talking ponies or something?
Now some of the femfucks that I’ve seen weighing so far have been trying to claim that what Queen Easy did was different because she was dancing and singing while Sofia was just on a turntable being looked at.Even if I bought that for a moment,Sofia is a comedy actress,one of the highest paid ones,might I add.She was doing a comedy bit,so she was using her own skills just as Beyonce was.Also,she was doing this of her own will and choice and using her sexuality for her work, and I don’t berudge her that.In fact I applaud it.So how is it that her choosing to use her sexuality is wrong because she’s not a feminist,but it’s ok for Beyonce because she claims to be all strong and empowered and stuff.
The fact is Queen Easy is not a feminist.She’s just an entertainer who’s getting older and has suddenly realized that she can’t trade on her looks as much as she did to get to where she already is.So now after over a decade of being “Bootylicious” she’s trying to wave the feminist flag in a desperate attempt to stay relevant by appealing to the lowest of all humanity.

I need a drink.