Techraptor, Can We Please Not Do This?

 Techraptor made a small article the other day about the game HuniePop. Asking the question of whether or not HuniePop was the perfect feminist game. Because naturally it can’t just be a good game on it’s own rights.
Now,let’s ignore for a moment that it’s pretty obvious that they’re just going for blatant clickbait on this one. Here’s my problem with this.
Guys at Techraptor, knock this off, please.As a personal favour to me.
See when you do things like this all you do is play the game that they’re trying to get you to play.
Yeah sure, 80% of the people involved were female, but it’s a puzzle game (a genre predominantly played by women) with nothing but female characters in it who are, by necessity, voiced by female voice actors.I’d be more surprised if there were mostly men involved in making it then if there were mostly women.
But the fact that there are lots of girls involved in the making of it should not make any difference in anyway. What matters, the only thing that should matter, is whether or not it’s a good game.That’s it,Techraptor.It’s that simple. Did the devs do a good job.Not did they do a good job, and have several different varieties of private parts.
Can't imagine why feminists don't like this game.

Can’t imagine why feminists don’t like this game.

By bringing up all of this “Is it a good feminist game,made by women,wide and diverse female characters,blah,blah,blah” you’re allowing yourself to be drawn into the sexist and bigoted narrative that these scuttlefucks want to use to advance their agenda.They want to turn everything into a quota, or make everything about having so many women or minorities involved. That’s their game.I realize that you think that you’re trying to defend, but you’re really just lending legitimacy to their bullshit complaints.
And it will never work,Techraptor. Even if you start making up stories like you did about the depth of the characters and how it represents women so well it will never work.Even if it was true.
But….I’ll get to that next.I’m going to do a review of the game myself either tomorrow or Sunday.
My point is that these are feminists. They don’t actually care about how many women made the game or any of that shit that you were talking about. That’s just lip service and the trojan horse by which they conceal their real agenda to get it through the gates. Who cares if it is a feminist game? Feminists are idiots, sexists, and bigots. If you start catering to their narrative all you do is give them a leg through the door.
Leave the pointless gender shit to the pointless gender-focused people.
All that matters is whether or not it is a good game.And yes it is…..more or less. The gender of the people who made it doesn’t matter.NOr does the gender of the characters or anything else.Is it a good game, are the characters good. That’s it.


A New Type of Sin

 I must admit that I’m often amazed at how the feminist “mean girls” can always find a brand new way to surprise and disgust  me.And it seems as though they’ve been working ever harder to find new methods to use against me.
I suspect it’s part of a sustained tactic to stop #gamergate by killing us off due to head fractures from repeated wall/head connections.
So what’s the new one today?
One of those I follow on Twitter,the lovely lizzyf620 has been among those who started an Indiegogo on behalf of Gamergate aimed at giving money to Unicef.This has been a pattern so far with the people of Gamergate.So far they have supported many other charities in their efforts to fight corruption in gaming and journalism.I suppose it should only be natural that the Anti-Gamergate side takes umbrage with this.Their great sin?

Fuck the orphans and Ebola patients.Women are experiencing misogyny!

Yeah, you’re fucking seeing that right.They’re trying to get UNICEF to reject the donations to help people in third world countries,because of their first world problems. So much for their concern over coloured people and women in real places with real problems. The white women need help.
I mean come on. This has got to be a new type of sin that they just made up.
What kind of moral compass do you have to possess in order to do this kind of thing? I used to think that sin was a ridiculous idea that religious people came up with.But I’m starting to think that there may actually be real sins in this world.
Fucking hell.
Just had to get this off my chest.