About This Site and About Us….Me….Whichever

 This site is about a man named Tyronne Glenn and the voice in his head that he has to constantly put up with, Alzael. Though it’s sometimes hard to decide which is which,and likely neither is that sure themselves. Alzael is the creation of Tyronne’s mind that came about from his tendency to discuss and debate topics with himself,lacking anyone else to discuss more intelligent topics with.
They constantly talk and bicker with each other,discussing issues, enjoying nerdy things, ranting about social and science topics,or just talking about the things that amuse them/piss them off.
This site is an attempt to give others a view into how their mind works and the things that they think and the ideas that they want to pass onto the world. Expect logic, whenever possible. Expect atheism and anti-feminism, pretty much constantly. Expect swearing and foul language (at least from one of them), most definitely.
Above all,this site is about two things. Promotion of rationality and the fight against “woo-woo bullshit”, and the celebration of all things geeky and nerdy.

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