Schrodinger’s Rapist: An Overview of One Womans Dumbass Idea

We take a look at one of the old canards often used by feminists. The essay entitled “Schrodinger’s Rapist”. This promises to be interesting.

Ugh, I’m going to need a drink……a lot of drinks.

Schrodinger’s Rapist Part 1 (I Can’t Believe I Have to do This)

Part 2 of Schrodinger’s Rapist is now on display.

……Fuck me.

Schrodinger’s Rapist Part 2 (I Recommend Reading While Drunk,It Makes the Feminism Easier to Swallow)

The third part is now up for viewing. I promise to try and survive this with my faning sanity still intact.

Schrodinger’s Rapist Part 3 (Rapist of the Gaps)

The fourth and second last portion of our essay is now available. There will be a fifth part, a conclusion, to follow in the coming days. Look forward to it and feel free to speak and comment your thoughts on the essay.

Schrodingers Rapist Part 4 (Communication, But Only One-Way)


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