Inequality to Gain Equality, Makes Perfect Sense (rewrite)

So one might have noticed that we’ve been kind of picking on feminists and the religious a lot since we started. We were going to actually take a break from that for a bit, mostly because we don’t want that sort of thing to entirely dominate the site. We did have some other topics and things planned but then we came across this one article from a law student at Georgetown named Cynthia Reed. After reading the article we stared in dumbfounded shock at our computer screen for several minutes and then stood up and slammed our head against the wall repeatedly. Once the blood clotted we cried a little bit, had some cookies for comfort and watched about three hours of bondage porn in order to recover from our ordeal.

He watched porn, thank you.

What are you, gay?

I won’t dignify that with a response. What my opposite is trying to say is that we have decided that there are certain things within the article that need to be addressed. Though to be honest I don’t recall a great deal of it.

Yeah,  Candy Ass here blacked out after the first two paragraphs. Which left me with having to read this wretched abortion of thought on my own.

It happens to everyone. It was just performance anxiety.

Whatever. I’ll get you a little blue pill later.

Ahem, regardless let’s see what Miss Reed has to say shall we.

“Twenty years ago, in the Supreme Court opinion of United States v. Virginia, Justice Ginsburg highlighted the importance of recognizing difference between men and women when making laws to combat gender inequality”

Seems fairly all right so far. I can’t remember why I had trouble with this before.

“Instead of pushing for equality by claiming that women should have the same treatment as men, Ginsburg aptly recognizes that in order for women to be treated equally to men, there are circumstances where we must be treated differently.”

Di-di-Did I just read that right? She didn’t really say what I think she did, did she? She couldn’t have……………………..

Did you need a moment?




Ah fuck, he’s checked out again. Looks like it’s up to me.

Men and women must be treated differently in order to be equal huh? Exactly at which point is it that feminists become completely fucking incapable of understanding the english language? I imagine that they must have some sort of secret initiation ceremony where they gather around a copy of the Scum Manifesto to bitch about men, gaze at their own vaginas, while solemnly swearing upon the hair under their armpits to mangle the fucking english tongue forevermore. Here’s a tip, you say that you want men and women to be equal, well treating them differently is exactly not-that!

Would you believe that was only two GODDAMN sentences in.

“Unfortunately, this approach to gender equality is not what my peers and I are exposed to on a daily basis.”

Well clearly you and your nameless, faceless group of unknown females are uniquely equipped to provide intelligent and objective insight. I can’t wait.
“It turns out that Supreme Court opinions from brilliant female minds like Ginsburg are not frequented on today’s best-seller lists.”
Has she ever written a book?No?Then let’s move on……
“Instead, my female peers and I see-“
“As a result, when I talk to my female friends-
Oh good, more anecdotes. Glad to see you’re providing a good basis for reasoned discussion.
“There is no discussion of changing the way companies are run, or the way child-care is handled. My peers have accepted that in order to be as successful as our male counterparts, we will have to do all they do and more. If we cannot, we have to be comfortable forsaking our careers.”
What, you mean that it actually takes a lot of work to have both a career and raise a child? Who could have ever figured that one out. I find it interesting that you think companies should be run in such a way as to be perfectly accommodating to you and your wants. What are you going to do to deserve these special measures?
“As a result of the increasing pressure for our generation of women to break through the glass ceiling,
Assuming that this glass ceiling really exists and isn’t just the product of your feminist delusion, who exactly is putting this pressure on women? Because it’s clearly not men who are doing it. It can’t be society because you people claim that society is set up to oppress women and keep them down. So who is saying that women have to succeed or they’ve somehow failed the sisterhood……….
Oh yeah.
So you know that most women want to be mothers and raise children. However you pressure them into going into a career while also being mothers. Then once in the career you pressure them into achieving the top positions, the ones that will require the most work to get to and maintain. Then when they can’t live up to the Herculean task that you’ve told them they have to perform if they want to not fail their sisters you declare that we need more feminism to solve the problem. That’s a pretty sweet racket you’ve developed there.
Why does it always have to be “break through the glass ceiling”? Why is it women always need to strive for the top positions in your eyes. What about just being good at your job, whatever it is. Why is that never enough apparently? You do realize that very few men are at the top as well.
“For many of my peers, it will not be until they are faced with the difficulties of raising children while managing a demanding career that the obvious differences between the sexes will become overbearing.”
Ooooh!I just had a brainstorm. What if we created this system wherein a woman who wants to have a child finds another person willing to do the work of a full time job and support her and the child, say maybe the babies father, and this would allow the woman to spend all of her time raising the child and ensuring that it grows up being taken care of and provided for. The two can even work together to look after the kid, maybe live in the same house. We can even give it a special name, and give the couple tax breaks and certain perks and rights to make the job easier. They can even have their own special decoder rings, maybe out of gold. I’m not sure what we’d call that, but we should definitely have something like it.
Hey, are you over it now? Or do I have to keep the show going solo?
N-no……I think I can handle this now. Would you mind if I took the reigns for a bit?
It’s all you dawg.
“At that point, many women will decide (understandably so) that family is more important than work, and they will drop out of the race to the top,
But why,Miss Reed, must it be a race to the top? As my opposite has already alluded to, why is it never acceptable to simply be good at ones job. You do realize that most men are not at the top either. There is only so much space at the top, which is why you have to compete for a spot. If you are attempting to do your corporate job and raise a child, this is going to place you at a disadvantage against those who do not have to do that. Nothing society does, short of raising your child for you, is likely to make it any easier on you. Which is, I am guessing, why at no point in this you stop to give any actual examples of the types of changes you think there should be. You merely demand that changes be made. There are only so many hours in a day Miss Reed, you cannot do everything. So there is the uncomfortable truth that you will have to face wherein you will have to make decisions on which aspects of your life to sacrifice. If your idea of having a family and working your way to the top is leaving your child with a nanny all day or at daycare all day and then coming home late and ignoring the child because you are exhausted from a day of work or you still have a large amount of take-home work to do. Perhaps you should then not have a child, because you clearly don’t really care about raising it.
You speak consistently as though not being both a corporate CEO and a fantastic mother is some failing of both the woman in question and of human society.It is not. It is a failing of the egos of you and people like you who wish to have everything in life given to them easily, but have little desire to work or sacrifice for them.
“thereby perpetuating the statistics we see today that, despite female domination in higher education, men continue to rule the world.
How exactly do men “rule the world”? Allow me to explain something called an apex fallacy, Miss Reed. There is a distinct difference between ‘the people in power are men’ and ‘men have the power’. They are not interchangeable. The janitors who mop the floors of your ivy-league urinals do not “rule the world”. Nor do the legion of groundskeepers who tend the lawns. Nor do the garbagemen, the men in the cafeteria who cook your meals, the road crews who maintain the roads you drive on, and several billion other men all of whom do menial, difficult, labour-intensive jobs to earn a living because their parents could not get together enough money to send them to one of the most exlcusive schools in her country to study law. Just for the sole purpose of you to come onto the internet and voice your complaints of how men have it so much better than you.
Perusing your words in this article again, I must say, the degree of self-entitlement you display is both astounding and revolting.
“Society’s failure to recognize the very real differences between men and women when discussing feminism today
So then men and women are different, you admit. Then perhaps this difference is the reason that you see more men at the top. Or why women opt out of careers to have children. Maybe it is not society, or elves, or a need for female empowerment, maybe it is simply that people are making choices and you don’t like the choices that they’re making. Perhaps it is not society that fails to recognize the difference, perhaps it is you. Did you perhaps consider that? That perhaps it is your perspective that is flawed and that your perspective might be wrong or unrealistic?
Dude. She’s a feminist.
…….ah yes, of course, A silly question.
“For many of my friends in college and now law school, the weight of the gender binary will not truly be felt until their first job. In the meantime, on a day-to-day basis, my peers and I read about women who can “do it all” a-la Sheryl Sandberg and Beyoncé.”
Oh good. More anecdotal shit.

“Where are the articles about new tech companies that are redefining how maternity leave should be approached?”

You mean like this article? The one from the exact same FUCKING website you just finished writing for. Or this one, or this one. All of which were among the first four results on a google search.
Fucking Feminists.
“Encouraging women to “lean in,” “power through,” or prove that we can “do it all” is not the answer. Yes, this mentality may enable some women, typically privileged white women, to reach high-level corporate positions.”
By “privileged white women” you do realize that means you and your friends right?
“However, the small percentage of women who are able to do this are not challenging the gender binary. They are adhering to a male-dominated patriarchy. They are continuing to play within the rules created and perpetuated by men, and it just so happens they are able, for a host of reasons, to keep up.”
Need another time out?
N-no. I’ll manage this.
If you are of the opinion that women are equal to men. Equally capable, equally strong, equally intelligent, etc. Then it should be no problem to play by the same rules that men play by. What you are saying here then, in effect, is that women by and large can’t play by those same rules. That they require special rules in order to accomplish the same things as men. You are saying that women are inferior to men. At least in this regards. What you have not said yet is why anyone should care. If women cannot do the same job, which you claim that they can’t, then why should we exert all of the effort and resources of altering the very nature of the job to accommodate women. There seems to be very little reason to do this.
It seems instead that since you personally feel that you cannot compete, you want to cut the legs out from all of the other runners. Meanwhile those women who can compete fairly, you want to admonish them for not making it easier for you personally. For not “challenging the gender binary”. Again, the level of self-entitlement is astounding.
“Challenging the gender binary”. Fuck you. Listen bitch, you’re sitting around with a gaggle of friends whining about men and how they’re oppressing you and keeping you down while simultaneously demanding they bend over backwards to accommodate your every want and need, adjusting society to suit you. Exactly which fucking “gender binary” are you “challenging”? You couldn’t be more stereotypically female.
“I have many impressive, competitive, and brilliant female peers in law school. When we graduate this spring, the majority of them are beginning their careers at top law firms across the country.”
Ah yes, the “privileged white women” that you were slamming before. Now you’re extolling their virtues. It’s almost as though you’re inconsistent in your thinking.
“It is rare for us to discuss realities like what we will do once we have three children and are trying to deal with billable hours.”
Yes, I’m sure it’s rare for you to discuss reality. Like the fact that you can’t do two things at once. It’s a good question, what will you do when you have three children and you need to pull in a lot of hours of work. I notice you never answer that question. You just expect society to answer it for you.
“If we are the generation obsessed with start-ups, being entrepreneurs, and creating our own paths, why is it that we have yet to even attempt to redefine the system when it comes to gender equality?”
Oooh,oooh,ooooh, I know why!I know why! Can I answer her?Please!!!!
Nevermind, I’ll handle it.
The reason, Miss Reed, is that all of those women who are obsessed with start-ups and being entrepreneurs and the like are too busy doing the things that they want to do to complain about the system. Those women go out and work at the job. They do not ask to have everything handed to them on a plate. Nor do they demand that everything change to suit them. They do not need or want to redefine the system because they work with the system, they use it just like the men do and they play the same game.

“Regardless of how brilliant, brave, and resilient we may be, women cannot be expected to achieve what men do when given less opportunity.”

“The fact that our generation is invited, even encouraged, to enter into the male-dominated arena does not mean the rules of the game have become fair.”
Who said anything about fair? When were you promised that? Do you actually think that all of those men in that arena have a “fair” time of it?
“The few women who are able to thrive and maintain long-term careers, while impressive, are not examples of how our society has reached equality. The success of these women is not attributable to changes in our system, but to their own super-human qualities.”
So the women who do succeed aren’t a demonstration of how men and women are equal. It is in fact a sign of how society is unequal. Hard to argue with logic like that. When women can’t succeed, society is sexist. When women can succeed, society is sexist. Ugh, I can’t take this anymore. I’m out.
Have a good day,kids.

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