Ok, we admit it. We Fucked Up.

Those who were here before have likely noticed there’s some things missing from the site. What started as an attempt to upload a simple image to an article we were composing ended with the whole site crashing and becoming unusable.

It also ended with a very poignant lesson on why we should back up our data…….pity we only just learned that. But I blame the other me for it.

Thank you. Regardless it seems that we have to start over again. Over the rest of the day we will be fixing and restoring what we can to the new version of the site, but it will not be much I am afraid. Those who had registered will have to sign up again as all of that is gone as well, unfortunately. Those coming in new after this, we apologize that things are a little more bare right now but feel free to register and comment/discuss on what’s available and we’ll do what we can to restore/add more content.

Again, our apologies.

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