The Other Face of Feminism

Feminism is,by its very nature a multi-faced creature. Much as the Hydra from days of yore.
Or those scheming bastard Quintessons. Never trusted those five-face guys.
This is what a feminist looks like.

This is what a feminist looks like.

You’re confusing reality with anime again.
Regardless there are many things which they don’t like to show to the public at large. Things that they often pretend do not exist or do not occur.One of these things is the deep and truly ugly nature of what lies beneath the public face that they try to present to the world.Sure,feminists like to cry and pontificate about their concerns.They will declare to all who hear them that they are the great ones trying to bring equality to the huddled masses.At least until you disagree with them.
On the Tumblr blog “Saying Some Stuff” the young woman who runs it, a  sixteen year old girl in England, received a barrage of threats when she pointed out that she was against feminism.Phrases such as “go die you piece of shit” were used frequently to attempt to bully and harass her into the sisterhood.To her credit the young lady took it well,stood her ground and told them exactly where to go and what manner of activity they could engage in when they got there.
Another incident came a while ago where a young boy was on Twitter defending the rights of comedians to make the sorts of jokes that they want.After making a valid and surprisingly intelligent (for his age) point the SJW crowd turned their fangs on him.They went to his facebook page and defaced one of his images then openly threated to slit his throat. Said one femfuck “my knife is always ready”.
Seriously guys?Were you that unable to give a proper argument to a ten year old kid that you had to resort to death threats?That’s pretty fucking sad.And just in case you think I’m mistaken about these being femfucks more than a few of them were also among the opponents of #gamergate.
Feminism:Threatening the lives of children.For Great Justice.

Feminism:Threatening the lives of children.For Great Justice.


Bunny-brained shit like this is why we started a new facebook page called “The Other Face of Feminism”.The page is to serve as a collection of all of the hate and bigotry that feminism and it’s people spread.We need more examples,and I know they are out there because we show them off and bitch about them on places like Twitter everyday. But now they need to be shown otuside of the circle.

It is a common canard among feminists that they are always on the receiving end of nothing but hate and misogyny because they are women.It is important to take this ability away from them,by revealing how much of the hate is their own doing and in response to their own actions.It will not stop them from trying to play the victim.But it will limit the number of people willing to listen.

Let us show the world what the face of a true feminist looks like.

Like a clearly well-balanced and rational person.

Like a clearly well-balanced and rational person.

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