Dead Women Proves Misogyny? Ok Anita,Let’s Test That. (Now With 30% More Explosions)

Ok,so let me explain what happened here.
I tried to load this video about Anita onto youtube and it got buggered up and messed around with. I could have altered it to suit their whims, but I decided to go with the “Fuck Youtube” option instead. So to that end I put it up on Dailymotion and I’m putting it here so that people can see it. For those like this video there is a button at the bottom to visit my Youtube channel where you can subscribe,and please do if you like this. Or another link to said channel here.
Onto the video.
It’s been put forward a lot by Anita Sarkesian and her Youtube cult that video games are filled with misogyny and violence towards women. So I decided that I would take that idea into the Youtube arena (or I suppose the DailyMotion arena now) and give demonstration as to why Miss Anita’s opinion was not well thought-out or argued. This was the result. Please feel free to leave your comments below.
Or just bitch about Anita.That’s cool too.



Zoe Quinn in “Quinnspiracy Theory” or “The Best Little Whorehouse in Gaming”

Zoe Quinn….a name that has been resonating throughout the gaming community for a few days now. A name that conjures up images of horror and rage, twinged with deep disgust and revulsion that has not been felt since Sarkesian first hit the scene. A name which will go down in infamy among the greatest of all media whores. Zoe Quinn has cemented a reputation for herself as gamings little ‘Slutty Buddy’.

I’m sure most of you have heard the Zoe Quinn story by now,but for those who haven’t here’s the cliff notes.


Five guys screwed this for favours?Just loading her image nearly crashed the site (seriously).



Dear Feminists,Allow Me to Explain Why You Are Not Funny:Part 1

Whenever you criticize feminsim you can be sure that they’ll inevitably respond with hateful complaints and mockery that demonize and viciously insult their opponents.
They call this “satire”, or just being funny.
So we would like to explain to them why this is not satirical, funny, humour they are engaging in and is just mean vindictiveness.