AResponse to David Pakman

 David Pakman recently did a video detailing his opinions on #gamergate. Nothing new or original really, pretty much what I expected from a  Social Justice Warrior like him. There were a lot half-truths, lies, misrepresentations, and glaring omissions. It’s an interesting thing though watching other people on #gamergate look to him as a neutral and unbiased source when he very clearly isn’t. Certainly he’s less-biased than the average SJW, but he’s still very clearly an SJW and in lock-step with their ideology and viewpoints. All you have to do is look at his other videos on similiar subjects to see that. There seems to be a confusion being made between being willing to hear both sides and being neutral.
Despite people in #gamergate consistently saying that they want no leaders or “e-celebs”, they still seem to develop followings around people and they will defend those people against all criticism. On /r/KotakuinAction we got labelled a shill and downvoted to oblivion after pointing out some of Pakmans flaws as a journalist (although he really isn’t a journalist, more of a commentator). Not argued against, just called a shill and downvoted. It is inevitable,we suppose, to form these attachments to people. Even in a movement that you specifically want to remain leaderless and without cults of personality, they’ll emerge anyways because people are people and will inevitably look to others. We’re really no better,
But no matter.This video is a response to Pakman’s video, that we tried to keep under twenty minutes long. There were a lot of other problems that we had, and maybe we’ll do a second review to point them out, but there’s already another article we’re writing on another interview that he did (unrelated to #gamergate itself) and we don’t want to devote too much to him.
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