Steve Shives:Why is it Really Called Feminism?

Steve Shives is a rather….interesting person. His youtube channel often boasts videos on things that he finds “stupid” yet he talks about religion, atheism, and feminism with the mental acumen of a third grader. The main sentiment on youtube seems to be that he needs, as one of my commenters said, “his face caved in”. I suppose what I am attempting to get at is that Steve Shives is not very well-liked among the youtube community.
Yeah. he’s basically a douche-nozzle without any of the good qualities you would normally find in the average douche-nozzle.
Recently he did a video answering a question that feminists are often asked, namely why call it feminism if it’s supposed to be about equality. He also answered it the way that feminists often do.
In other words he responded with idiotic deflections that did absolutely nothing to actually answer the question in order to avoid admitting that he and all feminists are raging sexists. Steve reeeeaaaaally drank deep of the Kool-Aid.
So we prepared a video response to Steve and his latest idiocy.

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