The World Cup is Over,But Hypocrisy is Forever

The World Cup has finally ended. A worldwide event that has not only brought the world together to enjoy the pinnacle of human athletic ability, but has brought feminists together in their utter hypocrisy over how they apply the ideas of objectification. Between ranking male players by the bulge in their pants, their “Bootyful Butts”, their thighs, and playing games where you get to guess the six-pack the feminists of the internet are drowning in the overflow of their own lady juices. Which is a good thing, right? After all maybe now they’ll finally learn from this and stop trying to demonize any kind of male sexual interest in women now that it’s very obvious that they objectify and ogle men just as much as we do women?
Fuck no? What are you an idiot? Being a feminist in this world means never having to get off the high pony. So while /r/worldcupgirls is a deeply sexist and mysoginistic subreddit that degrades women and is part of the patriarchy and blah, blah, fucking blah, Amanda Hess has written an article explaining why it’s totally not the same thing with women doing it.
So we went to the trouble of doing a video response, and believe me it was painful. Very, very painful.

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