Woman Lynched for Being a Witch? You Can’t be Serious?

So after the last article that we did on Boko Haram we were feeling kind of low. So we watched some videos of kittens, did some positive affirmations, and tried to think some happy thoughts, Then come this morning we saw this news story about a woman being lynch-mobbed because someone on facebook accused her of being a witch ………fuck.
 Fabiane Maria de Jesus, 33, died on May fifth after being brutally beaten by a mob of residents from the city of Guarujá, Brazil. There had been a recent string of child abductions in the area, of which there is no evidence Fabiane was involved in, when a Facebook post began circulating that the abductions were the work of a witch conducting a black magic ritual (I really wish I was kidding). Along with the rumours was a composite sketch of what the supposed witch might look like that someone thought matched Fabiane, prompting the attack.
In the video of the attack Fabiane can be seen having her head slammed into the ground. Run over with a bike. And then being dragged along the ground behind the bike.
Sadly this it’s getting harder and harder to forget that lynchings and burnings for witchcraft are not the relic of the past that we might like to think they are. There have been rashes of attacks in India which the government has had little success in stopping, despite harsher legislation. Accounts of witchcraft in Africa, where witches are often thought to be the cause of the spread of Aids/HIV as well as other misfortunes. To the point where professional witch hunters ply their trade in the country, often killing anyone accused to being a witch and holding impromptu trials. Cases have popped up recently in Papa New Guinea as well.
It’s sad, and very frightening that in the year of 2014 we still have people who have so little grasp on reality that they can so easily devolve into this kind of barbarism. However this is what happens when one lives in a world of formed of myths and fairytales. Without a care for facts and reality there is nothing to stop ideas from spinning off uncontrollably into the deep end of insanity. And now our social media has gotten into the game. It’s starting to become a conduit for this kind of craziness to spread even farther into the minds of those vulnerable to irrational thought and lunacy. If ever there was an example of the need for more logic and reason in the world, I would think this is it.
Unfortunately more common than you think.

Unfortunately more common than you think.


These here are Christians trying to cleanse their village of witches.


This is the inevitable end result of superstition.

Now if you’ll excuse us, I need some more kittens.

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