Germaine Greer Says Women Have Never Had it Worse, I Kind of Agree……..

I often find myself wondering in life just exactly how other people see and perceive the world. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the minds and perceptions of the Social Justice Warriors. There’s a certain inherent detachment from reality that I find hard to comprehend and I can’t help but wonder if they truly believe the things that they say or if they are simply unwilling, due to some flaw in their makeup, to comprehend the world the way the rest of us do.
In other words you can’t tell if they’re liars or idiots. Wouldn’t it be easier to just say that outright?
Anyways this brings us to feminist “academic” ( a word that I amazed you can use with a straight face) Germaine Greer. Ms. Greer was recently featured in an article in the dailymail where she told the experience of women and the horrors they are subjected to online.
This is going to be one of those days, isn’t it?
“Germaine Greer has claimed  that women are worse off than ever because of the proliferation of  online pornography and the torrent of abuse they have to endure on social media such as Twitter.”
……………………………..Do you want to handle this?
Sure, why not.
So women are more worse off than ever, you say? You mean they are worse off than in the Middle East? Worse off than in the past where, at least you claim, women were treated as property and rape was considered normal? At a time when women receive much lighter prison sentences, do better in school, have more life options, live longer, almost never die or get injured on the job, etc., women are more worse off than ever? Pray tell, what great evil causes this and endangers all things woman?
Pornography and Twitter.
I really wish I could make this stuff up.
“The Australian academic delivers her damning verdict in a BBC TV documentary – Blurred Lines: The New Battle Of The Sexes – which looks at the threats of rape and violence directed towards women online as well as the ‘objectification’ of women in violent computer games and sexually explicit pop videos.”
Rape and sex. It always has to be about rape and sex.
The obsession is very strange. It’s almost Catholic in how much they obsess over sexual matters.
Hey, while we’re on the subject, isn’t this the same feminist who wrote an entire book on why women should be sexually objectifying young boys?
Yes.Yes she is.
“In 2003, The Beautiful Boy was published, an art history book about the beauty of teenage boys, which is illustrated with 200 photographs of what The Guardian called “succulent teenage male beauty”.[40] Greer described the book as an attempt to address modern women’s apparent indifference to the teenage boy as a sexual object and to “advance women’s reclamation of their capacity for, and right to, visual pleasure” (Greer 2003). The photograph on the cover was of 15-year old Björn Andrésen in his character of Tadzio in the film Death in Venice (1971). The actor has been quoted by journalists as complaining about the picture’s use.[41][42]”
Soooooo, just to be clear, she wrote a book about women getting off to images of young boys. Put a half-naked fifteen year old on the cover, apparently against his wishes, and is complaining about the sexual objectification of women?
Essentially, yes.
I think I just felt a brain cell die screaming.
Then I probably shouldn’t mention to you about the time when she was on the progam ‘J’accuse’ – youthism’ in 1992 and tried to proposition schoolboys in order to  show them an appreciation for older women?
No……no… you should not. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go and plunge my skull into anti-matter right now.
Huh,looks like I finally won one.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And they’re like It’s better than yours, Damn right it’s better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge

“Men are now more aware of women because women keep pushing themselves in.‘Nowadays women expect to share men’s lives, they want to do the same work, they want to play the same games, they want to have the same social life, and I think it’s driving men nuts. And the result would seem to me  to be that men are even  less tolerant of women than they were before.”

Yes, Ms. Greer, you’re correct. Just not in the way that you think you are. You see, it’s not that women expect to share men’s lives. It’s that feminist women expect women to share men’s lives. If women wanted to do the same work as men they would do it, as some do. If they wanted to play the same games they would do it, as some do. If they wanted to have the same social life they would do it, as some do. However the general majority of them don’t want that. Which is evidenced by the fact that they don’t make those choices. They choose to do different jobs. They choose to play different games. They choose to organize their social lives differently. It is not that men are becoming less tolerant of women. It is that they are becoming less tolerant of women like you. The ones who go to the work spaces, gaming networks, social clubs etc, that men (and again some women) have been utilizing for a long time and then demand that everything be changed to accommodate the needs of some theoretical woman who never before used those spaces, and likely never will.

Women are only pushing in because you and those like you are standing behind them shoving. Which is why you get the backlash you get from both sexes. It’s why there are so many women who refuse to identify themselves as feminists, because they understand what you are trying to do. You are trying to use them to gain more power and influence for yourselves and your group, and in the same instance you are hurting their fathers, their brothers, their children, their husbands, their lovers, with this toxic ideology. For example:

“Now if men have always needed women to be in a subservient, filial, ancillary position, when they [women] stand up and call attention to themselves, it produces reactions which are difficult to manage.”

This constant attempt to try and portray men as holding them in some sort of bondage, as though men cannot even countenance the presence of a women who isn’t a virtual slave to his every desire. Women, by and large, understand how demeaning this is. Not just demeaning to men, but people like you demean women too. All in the name of creating your victim narrative. Because let’s be honest, if women weren’t victims, then feminism would have to stop.
“Several high-profile women have suffered abuse at the hands of online ‘trolls’.”
This is essentially the “point” of the whole article it seems. Women are supposedly harassed all the time online. I can’t really respond much to the rest of this as nothing is ever really specified. It simply relates the story of two women who voiced controversial opinions, then supposedly received massive hate mail and backlash. And somehow these two anecdotal cases with no support of any kind are supposed to show that women experience terrible harassment online because……………women? I really don’t know.
She may as well go all the way and claim that she got PTSD from Twitter (oh and don’t worry, I’m going to get to that at some point, I promise you).
So women have to suffer the horror of online trolls. Which, I remind you, is the worst thing women have ever had to face in history according to Miss Bang-a-Boy here. I wonder how many of you ladies were aware of that? That nothing you’ve had to deal with in your life is as horrible as the feminists like her who have to deal with online trolls have experienced. Feeling empowered yet?

Before I get to my point, let’s take a look at trolls and hate mail from a male perspective. Professor Dawkins, will you take the stand and testify please?

Hmmm, so Richard Dawkins gets lots of hate mail and trolling. Including people wishing for him to suffer eternal torment. Yet here he is laughing it off and making fun of it and mourning at how pathetic the lives of those people are and how he feels sorry for them.
Ok, time for our next testimony. Mr.Amazing Atheist, will you take the stand and tell us your story please.
Huh.Same as Dawkins, interesting. So we have two men in the public sphere who say controversial things and receive a great deal of hate mail…..yet they don’t seem to care. It’s almost as though they just suck it up and deal with it rather than trying to play the victim to everybody. You also might want to google “Obama hate” or “Bill Maher hate”  or any other controversial figure that exists. Hell you should look at some of the stuff that I get. Which is fine, if I wasn’t getting hate mail from people I wouldn’t be doing my job. Which I understand because I’m not a child. And yes,I know that this is anecdotal as well, but it’s still a lot more evidence and context than they provided. But surprise, surprise, when you say things in public that other people vehemently disagree with they are going to get pissed off. You are going to get trolls and harassment whether you’re a man or woman it’s almost like, oh what’s that word? Oh yeah, equality. Congratulations Miss Bang-a-Boy, you finally have to deal with all the same crap that guys do. Now you just have to learn to deal with it like guys do and we’ll be all set.
But that’s not what you want is it? Your idea of equality means standing up declaring that you’re just as tough as men and deserve all the swag, then ducking your head low and crying about how you’re a put upon and victimized woman when the shit starts getting flung. Kind of like how you want to go on a BBC special and say things like this:
““Any woman of taste would have a boy for a lover rather than a man. He’s easier to manage. His sperm flows like tap water, which happens to be a biological fact. And quicker recovery time and all that kind of thing. More rewarding in all sorts of ways. Conversation might be a bit lacking, but then, who does it for conversation?
And not expect anyone to bat an eyelash for fear of being accused of stifling womens sexuality or some other feminist fuckism. Yet if I wrote this:
“Any man of taste would have a girl for a lover rather than a woman. She’s easier to manage. Her body is always ripe and willing for sex, which happens to be a biological fact. And quicker recovery time and all that kind of thing. More rewarding in all sorts of ways. Conversation might be a bit lacking, but then, who does it for conversation?”
You would label me a creep and a sex offender.
I’m just saying, I think I see something of a double standard here.
“Prof Beard is worried, though,  that such campaigns may deter other women from entering ‘the public sphere’.She said: ‘I have decided I am going to face the music. But there must be loads of women who think, that is not what I want. ‘I don’t want that kind of rubbish and it’s vile. It really is vile. Why would anyone bother to do this unless they were incredibly determined? It is very bad for women’s participation in the public sphere.”
Funny story. Back in the old days when it was asked about why women shouldn’t be allowed in male places, or in politics, or the public sphere in general, one of the main reasons given was because women were too emotionally fragile and delicate to cope with the harsh words and vitriol that comes about in the public sphere when people discuss important matters of politics and culture. Rather than proving such sentiments false, Ms. Greer and the rest of feminism seem determined to vindicate such ideas.
The truth of the matter however, is both far more sinister and far sadder. The simple fact is that feminists have a deep symbiotic nature with the people who troll them. Trolls troll them, make fun of them, pick on them, all for their own vicarious amusement. Meanwhile feminists use this as a safe means of allowing them to perpetuate their necessary victim narrative. None of those threats are real, they know that very well. Which is why they don’t actually do anything about it. Such as say, just not read those messages.  It’s the perfect arrangement for them. Melody Hensley is able to claim PTSD from Twitter and then get right back onto her Iphone and Tweet about her morning dose of sexism precisely because she knows that there is nothing to the threats that she experiences. However it gets her sympathy from the gullible and the unintelligent who then step in to defend her because she’s a woman and can only be a victim. Meanwhile she gets to have her own ego stroked and feel vindicated in her beliefs and tell herself that she’s strong and courageous for standing up to these imaginary threats, when really she’s the very picture of a trembling and disgusting coward.
Killed people in a war? Watched your best friend get blown in half by a mine? Spent three years in a concentration camp? Turned to alcohol and drug use to cope? Wife left you adn took the kids? Thinking of suicide? I totally get your pain. Someone once called me "Smellody" on Twitter.

Killed people in a war? Watched your best friend get blown in half by a mine? Spent three years in a concentration camp? Turned to alcohol and drug use to cope? Wife left you and took the kids? Thinking of suicide?
I totally get your pain. Someone once called me “Smellody” on Twitter.

Ms.Greer has said that women are now more worse off than ever, and I think I have to agree with her on this. While women are certainly more advantaged in terms of rights and privileges I will say that women have never been portrayed or depicted as badly in history than they have under feminism. Under feminism women went from being portrayed as virtuous, moral, and nurturing to self-centered, hypocritical, and childish. You really couldn’t manage to paint a worse picture of women than feminists do if you tried. And I really have to ask the women, are you truly all right with this? Are you truly all right with people like this claiming to represent you to the world. To the men in your lives, or that you want in your lives? Because feminism may be telling them that you’re an equal partner and a valuable person, but it certainly isn’t showing you as that. It is depicting you as a horrible example (borderling sociopathic) of a human being that anyone would be nuts to want to have around.
Feeling empowered yet?
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