Thunderf00t and The Sarkesian Effect

Thunderf00t has been on Youtube giving Anita Sarkesian a good going over lately and it’s been rather amusing to watch.
More accurately it’s been about ten times more fun than any rational person should be allowed to have without two tubs of butter, three Glaswegian midgets, and a copy of The God Delusion…..and cake.
*cough*Anyways, Thunderf00t has been doing an admirable job of it,however there is one thing which we have noticed that he’s let her get away with. Her complete and utter misuse of the term “Third Person Effect” in order to justify her positions.
So much like that night we spent in Bangkok,we are forced to make up for Thunderf00ts inadequacies.
Short version:Here’s a video where we get to act all intellectually superior. Enjoy.


Feminists Fight Oppression?Who Fights Theirs?

It’s a common trope among feminists that it’s ok for them to do the things that they rail about when men do them, because men don’t suffer oppression the same way as women do. Leaving aside for a moment the obvious sexist nature of such an argument, it does leave one to wonder.
I have read many books in my life, especially in my younger years,and when I was a child there was a series of books in my school library that I loved to read which took place in the medieval period.
It had a fairly standard premise as far as fantasy stories generally go. Young orphan from a deposed throne, raised by mother in secret, etc. etc. etc. I’m sure that you’ve heard it all before. What was relatively new is that the boy was taught “magic” by his mother.”Magic” in this case simply being sleight of hand, combined with a strong knowledge of science and chemistry that allowed him to pull off various “miracles” and “amazing feats” which he uses to make the ancient prophecies come true, spur the populace into an uprising against the tyrant and retake his kingdom.
Unfortunately time, as it often is, has been cruel to my memory. A story which I loved as a child is now a dusty tome with faded pages in the athenaeum of my mind. I don’t remember the name of that book,or much of what happened in the sequels but there is one lesson taught in that book that has always remained in my mind.
It occurs first in the book after the evil overlord is overthrown and the crowd of downtrodden peasants stands in a mob with their triumphant leader.Torches and pitchforks at the ready they are prepared to deliver true justice to their oppressor when the hero puts up his hand to stop them. He declares to them that they must not hurt the villains and must instead treat them with kindness and mercy. As he stares at the faces of the dumb-strucken peasantry whom he has just freed he asks them this:
Tell me,who is the more wicked; the oppressor or the oppressed people who,when released,repay the oppressor with equal oppression. One might say the oppressor, but consider this;the oppressor,no matter how wicked can never know the full extent of his deeds. To do the same in return,knowing full well the evil,strikes me as the more wicked.
He repeats this sentiment later in the second book as well, when visiting the former overlord and his daughter in the dungeon.He notes that the guard who watches over them seems to not agree with the comparatively gentle treatment they are receiving.He points out that the overlord once had him in this very same dungeon and tells the guards those same words.
Feminists show no compunction against doing to others,especially men, the same things that they themselves claim oppress them. Nor do they show concern when men have those problems. Instead it almost seems as though the majority of feminist advocacy and writing is devoted towards trying to justify every single reason for why the oppressed (women) should treat the oppressor (men) as badly or worse than they themselves are treated. To wallow in their misery,to delight in their subjugation,to caper with glee as they drive them from their spaces.There is always a double standard,always a reason why it is ok,always a justification for not caring.
I hear the suffering of others is good for the skin.

I hear the suffering of others is good for the skin.

And these are the people claiming to fight for equality?Who claim to stand tall against oppression?These are those who will seek to slay the dragon under which we all are supposedly enslaved?How are they any different?
To allow feminism to win is not to exchange the overlord for the noble hero. It is,at its very best,to exchange the overlord for another,but worse one. One that understands the evil it does, but does not care.One that will oppress and do evil with the full measure of its being and delight in it because it is the evil of the self-righteous templar.
NOTHING is more oppressive than that.

Feminism And The Ideological Rape of Women

Women Against Feminism has become the hot new thing lately. Trending on Twitter, being featured on all the morning talk shows, and if their Tumblr is any indication they are growing larger and larger all the time. However as we have all learned time and time again whenever reason, moderation, and equity exert their force over our society; demagoguery, rampant bigotry, and utter human stupidity are there to provide an equal and opposite counter.
Because Isaac Newton was a son of a bitch.
Nina Burleigh:Besides the warm, pumpkin-candle scented aisles of the Hobby Lobby, there’s another new club for self-effacing female enablers of angry white men. Women Against Feminism had, last time I checked, 16,013 followers on Facebook. Its tumblr is constructed of selfies of young women, dressed and posed like ads for DIY escort services, holding up bits of notebook paper on which they’ve scrawled screeds against feminism.”
That was a portion of an article by Nina Burleigh where she illustrates some of her sentiments about the Women Against Feminism page. Which she considers to be “a compendium of such blinding idiocy and prejudice that it defies description.”
Her opinion is not an aberration either. Far from, in fact. I’ve been reading this sort of reaction appear over and over again from feminists everywhere. The very thought that there are some women, somewhere out there in the world who don’t  support their ideology has sent them into a sustained bout of collective apoplexy.
FireShot Screen Capture #067 - 'Twitter' - twitter_com

Yeah, can’t imagine for the life of me why they might be hostile to you.

FireShot Screen Capture #083 - 'Twitter _ Search - #WomenAgainstFeminism' - twitter_com_hashtag_WomenAgainstFeminism_src=hash

Sound and insightful intellectual debate. Feminist style!

FireShot Screen Capture #070 - '(2) Twitter' - twitter_com
It’s an interesting thing to watch, this. Especially to witness the lack of self-awareness that goes into these feminists tirades.
Allow me to provide an example of what I mean. Take this image.
A rather powerful statement to be sure, and one not uncommonly expressed on their Tumblr site and Facebook page. These women against feminism feel that feminism does not represent them and their opinions. Even more than that, it is actively hostile to them and their opinions because it does not conform to that of the group. Now let’s see what Miss Burleigh has to say:
“Everything about Women Against Feminism suggests it’s a sock puppet for the aggrieved misogynists and pedophiles of the anti-feminist men’s rights crowd. The main clue is that almost all the women on the site are nubile and posed in ways that fulfill dirty old men’s wildest dreams about pliant young things.”
I can’t help but notice that she used the word “aggrieved” in there.  I wonder why they are aggrieved. Could it possibly be because you just called them misogynists and pedophiles? Also isn’t this slut-shaming? Cause I’m pretty sure she’s slut-shaming those women.
As I said, it’s an interesting thing to watch.
However there was recently this tweet posted by Christina Hoff Summers which caused me to think and inspired the focus of this article.
FireShot Screen Capture #102 - 'Twitter _ ChristynaCC_ 18,067 likes ___' - twitter_com_ChristynaCC_status_495234268709138433_photo_1
You would think that the ones who invented the term “no means no” would actually understand the concept themselves; but on a more serious note……this really does have kind of a rapey vibe to it, doesn’t it? No matter what you say, or no matter how much you disagree you MUST be a feminist if you are a woman. Amy Poehler compared being a woman and against feminism to being like driving a car everyday of your life and depending on your car for living, yet not believing in cars. Rebecca Brink responded with a “satirical” (a term here used loosely) copy of the campaign in which she dresses in a collection of cheap wigs while simulataneously making faces at the camera and holding up mock signs that really do nothing but further demonstrate the point of the women against feminism hashtag.
None of them actually give any real response to what the women are saying; they are specifically designed to humiliate and intimidate the women involved into giving into the feminist narrative. Famously Erin Pizzey was threatened with death annd bombing for saying things that went against feminist dogma. Among the #womenagainstfeminism crowd one woman claims that she asked for her own image to be taken down because someone tracked her down and began using her childs autism to prove points against them. 
Feminists claim that women are raped if they didn’t provide the right type of consent, if they are threatened or coerced, if the other person is in a position of power over them, if they are guilted or nagged into sex, etc. They have as many conditions as they have hairs in their armpits. But am I crazy to notice that this is the exact same thing that they’re doing, minus the obvious sexual component, to women who don’t want to sign up for the sisterhood?
Take these words spoken by my favourite bobble-head cam whore.

Ugh, her voice is like two kittens fucking inside a woodchipper.
So using pressure, guilt, coercion, threats, and manipulation are methods used by rapists to make women consent to sex then?At least in Feminist World. Well so far we’ve seen them use pressure, threats, and shaming in order to make the women against feminism people do what they want. They’ve done this without a care for their constant and very vocal cries of ‘NO!’, which according to Laci means that they don’t respect them. In fact Nina herself and others are claiming that they are just “sockpuppets” for the MRA, which would be objectifying these women.
Hmmm,what about guilt and being owed to someone?
Just because we're fighting for your rights (and suffering the slings and arrows) doesn't mean you don't owe us anything. Carry on and you're welcome.

Just because we’re fighting for your rights (and suffering the slings and arrows) doesn’t mean you don’t owe us anything. Carry on, and you’re welcome.


Fighting your battles so you don't have to. The Few, The Proud, The Menstruating.

Fighting your battles so you don’t have to. The Few, The Proud, The Menstruating.


Shhhhh, don't tell her about their connection to the KKK. You'll ruin her self-righteousness.

Shhhhh, don’t tell her about their connection to the KKK. You’ll ruin her self-righteousness.


Well there we go. Aside from the sexual component we have not only met one feminist criteria for being a rape perpetrator. We have easily met all of them, so I’m calling it.

Feminists are trying to ideologically rape women.

If they can come up with “stare rape”, “switch rape”, and “birth rape”, I can certainly label this ideological rape. Whether women consent to being feminists or not does not matter because “they know you really want it”. Women who say they really don’t, just need a little feminism in them to get them going.  When women scream and thrash about trying to escape, feminists just smile and tell them “Come on baby, why you gotta be like that?Look at all I’ve done for you.Don’t you think you owe me a little something?Just let me in a little bit, I’ll be gentle.” Then finally when they’ve been punched in the face, bleeding from the scratches with swollen and tender genitals; “You stupid dyke-bitch!I’ll make you like it, you hear me?!”

My other halfs attempts at humour aside, he is correct (I always have been, thank you). This is a very disturbing side of their nature that they are showing. Though people have been pointing this out to them for decades this may be the first time that it’s been so close to the surface. Hating men has always been an intrinsic part of everything that feminism has ever stood for, but now they aren’t even hiding their own hatred for women. Or at least the women that aren’t like them.

Even if we assumed for a moment that feminism and feminists have ever fought for womens rights in any real way that doesn’t mean that all women are obligated to agree with you and champion your cause. A cause that was truly noble would be above that sort of thinking. Fighting the good fight would be the concern, not making everyone ascede to your worldview. This is selfish and narcissistic, it is the very essence of dogmatism and totalitarianism. There can only be one way of living, one mode of thinking. You are a person who is smart and capable of having your own life amd opinions, but only so long as they adhere to the will of the state.

This is, now and has always been, the true nature of everything feminism is. An insane, solipsistic and totalitarian ideology seeking to spread it’s toxic influence by raping the minds of men women and children. And thankfully it is getting harder and harder for them to pretend that it’s anything else.

Say it with me people, you’ll feel better.