The Pope’s Moral Fail

I know we just did one on the Pope but we were actually going to do these two things together, then later on decided to split them apart just before we actually started because while the two were connected we thought that they worked better separately. So bear with us please.
In the same day that we talked about in our previous post Pope Francy-Pants also went back to trying to cover up his ass in regards to the churches crimes of raping children.
Of course if he’d been doing his job and covering up the childrens…….well you see where I’m going with that.
Someone just became an altar boy.

Someone just became an altar boy.

Said the Pope:” “I feel compelled to personally take on all the evil which some priests, quite a few in number, obviously not compared to the number of all the priests, to personally ask for forgiveness for the damage they have done for having sexually abused children.”
…….I….I really tried, tried for a long time, in fact, to come up with a response that I thought was really fitting for this statement…..and I couldn’t really think of one that appropriately conveyed my response. So I asked my other half to help me prepare a suitable response. The best that we could devise was this:

Ok, Pope-a-Dope. I’m going to try and explain to you some of the problems with just that one fucking sentence.
First, and this is the thing that really jumps out at me about this whole speech, if you’re going to ask for forgiveness AT LEAST FUCKING SAY YOU’RE SORRY!
He NEVER says it.How fucking arrogant is that? Asking for forgiveness without a single apology for the thing that you’re supposed to be forgiven for. It’s taking lack of accountability to a whole different level when you can look at an entire audience of people, speak to countless numbers of children who have been abused and raped by the people in your organization (people you are in charge of) and ask to be forgiven without even uttering a “my bad” for appearances sake.
Also, while we’re on this subject, if you’re going to ask for forgiveness, first stop doing the fucking thing we’re supposed to be forgiving you for.
First get the priests to stop raping children. Then stop protecting them from the law. THEN fully cooperate with the police who are investigating the crimes and the district attorneys who are trying to prosecute them. THEN provide FULL documentation of all of the cover-ups, including, names, places, and numbers to prosecutors so they can arrest the priests who covered up for the other priests.  THEN excommunicate every single one of those dress-wearing assclowns. THEN provide complete financial restituion to all of the victims that have been hurt. THEN, FUCKING SAY YOU’RE SORRY.
Only THEN, do you start asking for forgiveness, asshole.
The second thing is that asking for forgiveness on behalf of others is Darwin-damned pointless. He doesn’t ask to be forgiven himself because he did nothing to stop the abuses. He’s asking for the abusers to be forgiven. The same abusers that are hiding within the church and admit to no wrong doing. How is that even supposed to work? Why not drag the priests that raped children and the ones who covered it up before a group of the children and parents they hurt and have them ask for forgiveness in person?
When we were about five this one time we was playing with our cousin and we liked one of his toy cars. It wasn’t important or anything, just a tiny little piece of shit Mcdonalds toy. But we liked it so we pocketed it and took it home with us. When we got home we started playing with it and our father realized what we had done, so what do you think he did? Well I’ll first tell you what he didn’t do. He didn’t call my uncle up on the phone and ask my uncle to forgive him for the fact that we had stolen something from his son. My dad grabbed us then and there and hauled my little monkey-ass back over to my uncles place IMMEDIATELY. Then we had to stand there in front of my uncle and cousin and tell them both what we did. Then we apologized and asked for forgiveness, and incidentally we got it. But we had to take responsibility for what we did and own up to it.
Which brings me to the third problem.
You can’t “personally take on all the evil”. This vicarious redemption blame transfering bunny-brained bible bullshit doesn’t work in the real world. These are real people, who have done real crimes, and harmed real innocents……really. They also have real culpability and deserve real punishment, not your “sit in a room and pray the rapist away” theological mumbo-jumbo. This is not Star Wars, the darkside does not actually exist. There is no mystical evil force waiting to be purified by the power of your godrod. Stop acting as though there is, and for Newtons sake stop trying to blame your fuck-ups on it.
The thing that I think I most want you take away from these two posts is that Pope Francy Pants and those like him claim to be the moral leaders of humanity. They claim that they have a direct line to the great giver of morality without which no human could possibly know not to kill another human. Yet they fail to even demonstrate, not only that they’re more moral, but that they can even comprehend moral responsibility and culpability.
This is why it annoys me so greatly when people like the religious start to talk about morality in regards to things like homosexuality, or abortion, or anything else. To them morality and moral obligations are things that can be shifted away onto others, or are cackling little creatures trying to mess with you. Not things that you yourself are responsible for. Morals and values are not things you decide for yourself, they are immutable dictates handed down that you are forced to follow because you are commanded to. NO, that is not morality. It is dogma at best,psychosis at worst.
If you think that morality is given to us from on high by a magic man in the sky, or a jewish zombie, then you do not get to have a vote on society’s morals because morality does not concern you.


Ten "Hail Marys" and it's all good. Now gimme some sugar,"baby".

Ten “Hail Marys” and it’s all good. Now gimme some sugar,”baby”.